Social Media Guidelines:

What can I post?

Princeton Pike Church of God social media accounts are monitored regularly, and we ask that all participants observe our guidelines.

Princeton Pike Church of God welcomes all people to contribute to conversations on our Social Media Accounts and to share content directly related to Princeton Pike Church of God. Wall posts, comments, photos, and other content posted on the social media accounts are expected to be relevant and respectful.

Princeton Pike Church of God has the right to delete any inappropriate content from this page, including but not limited to: irrelevant content, harmful language, hateful content, financial solicitations, and content that violates Facebook’s terms of use, code of conduct, or other policies. Content that violates Facebook’s policies may also be reported.

Princeton Pike Church of God social media is also not the proper format for people to promote their business or political agendas or to promote or raise funds for special causes.

Any material we see as violating our guidelines we reserve the right to remove content (and ban the user if needed).

Need to contact us?

If you need to report a concern, please e-mail our Creative Arts Director Dustan White at